Payment Policy

14-Day Free Trial Period

Mogul Makers Pro offers a 14-day trial period to test our products and services. The trial period is for Makers Members only and not for members requiring Mogul Makers services. We do not offer any form of money-back guarantee on live member listings. Please follow the below conditions to cancel your profile within 14 days.

All requests should be processed through our support link:

Submit a request by the 13th day of your trial period.  Failure to request by day-13 will result in subscription billing payment processing because it is possible your request to cancel was not received in time to cancel your membership.  In this case please email us at

When submitting a request, include the email address and Username associated with your profile on Mogul Makers Pro.

It is not mandatory but please leave us a comment as to why you decided to not use Mogul Makers Pro for your subdomain.

Please let us know if we may keep your email to keep you updated with features and changes to our operation that may prove to be valuable to you in the future.

In the rare event your domain has a misspelling, please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can correct it.  If for some reason the subdomain name you are requesting is already in use, we will notify you immediately.

Account suspension

You will receive notification weeks before a payment is due.  We do NOT provide extensions on invoices here at Mogul Makers Pro.  If you request for us to suspend billing on your account we will do so for up to 30 days.  For us to reactivate your account there will be an additional fee of $45.00.

All invoices and charges in our system are automated.  We will notify you of potential issues such as expatriation dates, and provide information on updating the information.  

Promotional Pricing

Mogul Makers Pro retains the right to change pricing at any time.  We offer coupons to members in a variety of different ways such as

If you refer another to join Mogul Makers Pro;

You answer questions in forum and on Discord;

You write informative post and articles;

And more…

Please Review:

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The Payment Policy may change at any time.

Last Updated: 04/20/20